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You run a successful restaurant. You're the first one here and then last to leave. You make sure everything, literally everything is taken care of, but what if you, yeah you, can do more like supercharge your waitstaff efficiency. What if you knew what that customer was really thinking. Or if you never heard the words can I speak to your manager ever again. No it's not a superpower. It's SkyTab the latest innovation from the folks at Shift4 Payments. SkyTab is a free device that fully integrates with your POS system and delivers a wide range of powerful features. Yeah you heard that right, free easy to use and customized for your restaurant. SkyTab 86's inefficient steps. No more running back and forth between a crowded POS station (slammed tonight) and diners waiting to order. It can be done right at the table. In here, out there even that table way over there.(Hungry for more) With SkyTab servers can easily reorder another round of drinks or add another plate of nachos. (nachos round 2 coming up) and when a table is ready to settle up, diners can pay and add a tip right at the table.Whether they're paying for one card or splitting the check. Got that? Yeah. GoodNow check out this next part. Okay. After payment customers can offer up their email which allows you to reach out with hyper targeted promotions and loyalty campaigns. If a diner gives a subpar rating, SkyTab immediately alerts you with a text message, so you can do damage control to avoid online complaints and encourage repeat business. So you can get back to doing what you do best, run a
smarter more efficient restaurant right at your fingertips, with SkyTab. Learn more at

SkyTab™ is a powerful tool to supercharge your business! This complete pay-at-the-table solution will take your operations to the next level while delivering an unmatched experience for your customers.


Benefits & FeaturesSky Tab - Pay-at-the-table solution

  • Combines state-of-the-art hardware with simple and intuitive software
  • Customer-friendly payment interface with the ability to split checks and add tips

  • Reorder items directly from the table, with full order functionality coming soon

  • Customers can rate their dining experience, including management alerts for negative ratings
  • Send e-receipts or print receipts using the built-in printer

  • Populate your marketing database with customer emails
  • Accept EMV Chip Card, NFC and swiped card payments

  • WiFi and 4G enabled

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